When I was eleven, I built a game of Mastermind in QBasic. A few years later, I started blogging at web-log, and when that was ruined by its creators I ended up on WordPress, which I still work with today. Initially I only built my personal blog and Fashionmilk, but slowly but surely I started building portfolio websites for more and more people in the fashion industry. I now work for a variety of clients, from publishing houses to law firms.


Dr. Tiquestar

Artist Dr. Tiquestar designs patches, among other things, and wanted to sell them through its own store. The site looks super basic, and that was exactly the intention. However, under the hood there’s a powerful WooCommerce shop with a lot of functions.

Concept M and 7B

I previously created the website for novel Concept M for writer Aafke Romeijn. So when sequel 7B was published, it was a logical step to also create a website for this book. The websites contain information about the books, as well as press photos, an agenda for lectures and downloadable teaching materials.


Fixdit (Fix this) is a writers’ collective that strives for more diversity in the literary world. Opinion pieces are posted on the platform, there is a reading club and additional information can be found related to the Fixdit podcast.

Space Models

Space Models is a Dutch modeling agency in the high fashion segment. The website for Space Models is clear, with information such as height and measurements directly visible from the homepage, but also personal: there is the option to add a short bio for the models, as well as a link to their social media.

Blossom Books

For Blossom Books I built a website with a book archive that is automatically linked to their authors, a webshop, and a special page for teachers with additional information. The publisher also has a blog, on which they regularly share promotions and news.

Sara Madou

Journalist Sara Madou writes for magazines and companies, and does editorial and editorial jobs. She shows her diverse portfolio on her website.

Pricing and conditions

Desigining and building
Portfolio website photographer, stylist, artist etc.from1500,-
Company websitefrom2500,-

WooCommerce webshopfrom2000,-

Other services
Moving, importing old contentfrom500,-
Elaborate SEO (text, settings etc.)from500,-
Support 1 year website175,-
Support 1 year webshop350,-

Extra (included when I build your website)
Standard SEO (Yoast + Schema plugin, you do settings)150,-

Other workhour100,-

Support is void if your handy cousin has been tinkering with things. More on that in my terms and conditions.

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