Sara Madou

Journalist Sara Madou writes for magazines and companies, and does editorial and editorial jobs. She shows her diverse portfolio on her website.


Sara works for many different publications and clients. To keep this somewhat clear, we have created a searchable portfolio, with the option of archiving old clients.

All publications for Esquire


For each article, Sara can enter the publication date and intro text at the back of the site, and add a PDF or link. For convenience, I have added some instructions for Sara here, so that when she wants to add some work again after months, she is not like: “Ehhh… How did this work again?!”

The article on the frontend
The same article on the backend, with instructions

Mobile layout

Of course, the site also works well on mobile devices. The photo on the homepage will fill the screen and the publications will appear one below the other. The filter is foldable.


An extra nice thing about this website: I also took Sara’s photos! By doing both the photos and the website, Sara’s branding is strong and consistent. For more information about my photography, view my portfolio.

Makeup: Charlotte van Beusekom

Check out Sara Madou’s website here. Do you want to know how I can help you? Please contact me via