My passion for photography began in front of the camera. As a student, I was a model for hairdressers and you could see me in the background of commercials – if you didn’t just blink. Not much later, I made the switch to the other side of the camera, and started photographing. At first mostly portraits, later more fashion. A few years ago I started doing more stories about subjects that interest me personally, or that I think are important.


A collection of humans

Beautiful people in all shapes and sizes. Portraits of artists, authors and other interesting human beings. Stories that are too important not to tell.

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Holiday in Japan

Such an amazing trip to Japan is something you want to capture. Of course you take thousands of photos yourself, but wouldn’t it be cool to go out with a professional photographer for once? Since I live in Tokyo, not only do you have a photographer with you, but also a local tour guide!

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We went to an abandoned island near Nagasaki. No, another one.

If they’re good at anything in Japan, it’s…. Anime? High-speed trains? Bustling metropolises with illuminated billboards everywhere you look? Sushi that took ten years to study for? Finding your ikigai? Well, yes, also maybe, but today I wanted to talk about that other talent of Japan: leaving places and buildings behind and then letting them decay.

Korea for the gram

I owe you an update. “How is Korea?” you keep asking me. I couldn’t answer it because that wouldn’t be fair. Korea cannot do well, and that is not because of Korea, but only because it is not Japan.

Dutchies in Tokyo #1 – Maria

Initially, I had arranged to meet Maria (26) on Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. But when dark clouds gathered over Rainbow Bridge, we decided to move to one of Maria’s other favorite spots: Electric Town Akihabara. We take pictures as the tourists in Mario Karts race behind us, then have a cup of coffee. Although Maria says she only speaks “Japanese for emergencies”, her way of speaking is very Japanese. Her oh’s and ah’s, her hmm’s and so-so-so’s… They betray that Maria is more Japanese than she thinks.

Dutchies in Tokyo #2 – Nadine and Charissa

Twin sisters Charissa and Nadine (both 28), despite different studies, both ended up in Japan. We meet in Hamarikyu Park, because the view there is so Tokyo: behind the Japanese gardens loom the large glass skyscrapers of Shiodome. The contrast in Tokyo that the sisters love so much is clearly visible here.

Prices & Conditions

Portraits (half day)from450,-
Documentary imagesfrom750,-
Day rate commercial work (ex. buyout)from1500,-
Editing per photofrom50,-

All prices are in euros, and do not include travel expenses. Prices here are only an indication. No rights can be derived from these.

A buy-out is applicable to commercial work. This depends on duration, scope and media usage of the campaign.

Prices do not include makeup and styling. Makeup, styling and model selection are extremely important in achieving the desired results. I therefore reserve the right to veto certain choices.

For projects with a social importance and art projects, provided the project appeals to me, I am happy to make an exception to the above price list. Do not hesitate to contact me with an idea or proposal.