Dr. Tiquestar

Artist Dr. Tiquestar designs patches, among other things, and wanted to sell them through its own store. The site looks super basic, and that was exactly the intention. However, under the hood there’s a powerful WooCommerce shop with a lot of functions.


On the visuals page, Dr. Tiquestar a selection of his illustrations, as a portfolio for potential clients.


The shop is a page with infinite scroll, where 12 new items are loaded each time. Later there will also be the option to divide the offering by category, but because there are not many items in the shop at the moment, this is not necessary for now.

On the product page we see three related products, which are added randomly. In this way, the customer may discover more products that they would like to purchase.

For T-shirts it is possible to create variations (size S, M, L, etc.) and manage the stock separately.

Mobile divices

Of course, the website also works well on mobile devices. The portfolio changes from a slider to a list of images underneath each other, and the shop does not have three columns, but one.

Check out Dr. Tiquestar’s website here. Do you want to know how I can help you? Please contact me via nerd@toeps.nl