Website Terms and Conditions


Running a website requires appropriate hosting. Toeps Media is not responsible for this hosting. Client should provide hosting with sufficient space, traffic, databases, an up-to-date php version and an https environment with working ssl certificate. Of course I can advise on this. However, I am not responsible for problems on the host side, such as downtime.

Changes can be made in the design of the website, should technology or aesthetics require it. Toeps Media reserves the right to refuse requests for changes that are not technically or aesthetically desirable.


Websites are built using open source software called WordPress. Toeps Media is not responsible for problems caused by WordPress.


The quotation is always finalized only after an initial conversation, when it is really clear what needs to be done. If the customer later requests additional work, a new price will be determined. Prices on this website are only indicative.


During the first meeting I will give an indication of delivery time. No rights can be derived from this indication. I do my best to inform clients as soon as possible of any changes in delivery time.


The website development process includes two rounds of feedback. The first round of feedback takes place when the website is outlined (in Sketch or in rough build). In this feedback round, the client can indicate if there are things they would like to see different. The second round of feedback is when the site is (as good as) finished. In this feedback round, the client can still pass on minor adjustments, but it is no longer possible to deviate from the broad outlines as confirmed in the first feedback round.


Before I begin the work, I may request a deposit. The (remaining) invoice amount must then be paid within 14 days after completion of the website. Completion also means a website that is almost finished, but still waiting for the client to upload and/or modify content.


Support involves help with existing features of the website. New features require a new offer. Support does not concern actions that customer can logically do themselves, such as adding photos to a portfolio.

I may decide to void a support contract once someone other than me (“the handy nephew”) has tinkered with the site.


WordPress is a system that works with plugins. There are thousands of plugins available, the vast majority for free. Not all of these plugins are equally reliable, and some plugins may conflict with other site functionalities. It is not recommended to install plugins without consultation. Toeps Media is not responsible for problems caused by plugins installed by the client.


Client is expected to keep the website as up-to-date as possible, by performing all WordPress and plugin updates as soon as possible. Toeps Media is not responsible for hacked or infected sites resulting from not keeping software up-to-date.


A WordPress theme created by me is subject to copyright. It is therefore not allowed to copy a theme to another website. In the footer of the website I may decide to include a link to