Blossom Books

For Blossom Books I built a website with a book archive that is automatically linked to their authors, a webshop, and a special page for teachers with additional information. The publisher also has a blog, on which they regularly share promotions and news.

I built the website so that the women behind Blossom Books only have to enter each book once, so they can focus on what they do best: publishing books!

The website was converted into a WooCommerce webshop in 2023. For this purpose, the books in their existing form were converted into products, so that we did not have to enter each book as a new shop item. The webshop is integrated with GfK, so that the shop’s sales figures count towards the Bestseller Top 60.

At the top of the homepage you will find a slider and a number of featured books, some of which have a promotional badge.

Book search

Books, of course, that’s what it’s all about. All information is entered on the book page (or product page), both for the regular site and, if applicable, the education website.

Books can be linked to authors, or vice versa. This link works both ways, so as soon as you assign a book to a writer, the book also appears on the writer’s profile. Convenient!

On the right side the user can filter by theme and/or category. More options can be found here on the education website, for example a check mark for only Dutch authors, and check marks for the education level.

A search query for the Hoofdzaken-series

When a book has been released in two editions, an alternate cover can be added, which can be seen when the user hovers over the image. At the bottom you will also see the field to link the writer(s), and on the right you will see the categories and themes.


Reading at school is a must, but if you have to, at least let it be fun! Blossom Books wanted an education website where teachers can search for themes that will appeal to their students. The homepage and blogs on this part of the website are also different. But all this soon becomes clear, because the supporting color of the education section is not mint green, but dark red.

Echte Amerikaanse jongens, the regular page. With a link to the first chapter, and the hashtag links to both Twitter and Instagram.
Echte Amerikaanse jongens, the education page. With much more information, bullet points for teachers and a PDF of the classroom material to download.

Mobile devices

Of course, the website is also suitable for mobile devices. Both the regular menu and the filters are expandable, and the design of the website is adapted to the narrower size of mobile screens.

Check out the Blossom Books website here. Do you want to know how I can help you? Please contact me via