Concept M and 7B

I previously created the website for novel Concept M for writer Aafke Romeijn. So when sequel 7B was published, it was a logical step to also create a website for this book. The websites contain information about the books, as well as press photos, an agenda for lectures and downloadable teaching materials.

The sites are virtually the same in structure, but the looks have been adapted to the book covers.

The website for Concept M
The website for 7B
The cover of Concept M
The cover of 7B

The sites contain information, press photos, reviews and of course they link to each other. Under the hood, the site includes schema tags, which add information such as ISBN, author, and publisher to the Google-readable information.

About page with downloadable photos

Check out the Concept M website here, and the 7B website here. Do you want to know how I can help you? Please contact me via