Fixdit (Fix this) is a writers’ collective that strives for more diversity in the literary world. Opinion pieces are posted on the platform, there is a reading club and additional information can be found related to the Fixdit podcast.

The pages are made up of blocks that cover the whole or half the width of the page. The type of block and color can be determined at the back of the website, to create a playful and varied design. The blocks can be decorated with Marianne Wagemaker’s illustrations. This can also fill an empty half block.

Blocks on the front page
Super easy to add blocks on the backend

Podcast & Opinion

Links can be added to the podcast, so that the listener can go directly to their favorite platform.

Podcast and footer
Featured opinion pieces on the front page

Mobiele apparaten

On mobile devices, the surfaces fill the screen and appear one below the other. The Fixdit logo has become the menu button.

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