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Interview with The Japan Reporter

Nobita from The Japan Reporter came to Hachioji to interview me about my experiences as an autistic person in Japan, my books and my company.

AuKids: Double Empathy

Bianca Toeps is 36 and from the Netherlands, although she now spends three to six months a year in Tokyo. She divides her time between building websites, photography and her online shop. She photographed and designed the cover of her 2019 book, But you don’t look autistic at all, which has now sold more than 15,000 copies in The Netherlands and has recently been translated into English. Bianca received her autism diagnosis at the age of 25.

AuKids did a small pre-publication as we talked about autism and empathy.

Interview with The Aspie World

In this interview we talked about autism in women, late diagnoses and our shared love for Japan.

Interview Purple Ella

In this chat, Ella and I talked about Japan, Disney (a special interest of both of us) and more. Check it out!