Sleeping in an airplane

No, I’m not talking about those few hours of sleep, with ear plugs and a sleeping mask, your chair reclined to annoy the passenger behind you and a snoring stranger next to you. Sleeping in an airplane is usually a disaster, but not this time! Because this blog is about the cockpit suite of the Hampshire Hotel in Mill! When you go there you will most definitely sleep properly and without interruption.

Boyfriend Riemer booked the suite for my birthday. The hotel was on my to-do-list for ages, so I was super excited!






We headed towards Mill, somewhere in Brabant. There’s the plane, in the midst of a midgetgolfcourt, next to a wellness boat, a hotel, sports facilities and a few clinics where you can get your face lifted. Ehm, wut? Yes, the entire complex reminds me of these extreme makeover shows, where women in their forties, who have served others their entire lives, get the chance to do something for themselves for once. “Now it’s my turn!”


Wellness boat in the background




Lovely midgetgolfcourt. No midgets included.

So, the plane. We arrived at the same time as the elderly couple that booked the tail suite. For a second I was afraid we would hear them in our suite, but luckily that wasn’t the case. I didn’t hear a thing.

Plane clichés

The staff of the hotel thinks it’s very funny to pretend you’ll really be flying. They talk about your boarding pass, wish you a pleasant flight and make jokes about turbulence. You’ll even get a bag to puke in.



The air sickness bag might come in handy, because there will be turbulence. When someone is walking through the plane, you can feel it shaking…

Another airplane cliché is deliberately skipped. The flight attendant pointing out the nearest emergency exits, that could also be begind you? Forget it. This plane had one emergency exit: the entrance. I’m still not sure how that can be safe.

Inside the cockpit suite

In the suite there’s a living room with two couches, a table and a tv. Behind that there’s a bathroom with bubble bath, toilet and sink. Behind that there’s the cockpit, with two benches and a hole to climb to the nose. There you’ll find the bed.


The entrance. Riemer for scale.


Those two couches double as beds, great for families with children


Bubble bath! Please sit down when showering…


Below the bed, watch your head!



Cosy led lights. Oooh!


The bed!

Super awesome of course! But a bit cramped. I hit my head hard a few times, in the sleeping area and while trying to climb out of it. And it’s kinda dirty as well: you climb from a dusty step, directly onto your pillow. And those tears in the wall lining… Well, ignore!



Fancypantsy plane details


Steps plus pillows. Don’t hit your head!

The rest of the cabin was also pretty low. When I stood straight, I almost touched the ceiling. When I got up from the toilet, I had to be careful not to hit my head, and taking a shower while sitting is also quite a challenge. I’m 1.83m, so I wouldn’t suggest this suite for taller people. And speaking for myself: I was very relieved when I was back outside again.



The verdict

Conclusion? It was awesome to experience for once. It’s a cool thing to do for people that like planes. I wouldn’t do it again though. Been there, done that, got the puke bag. Because of the confined spaces, I got a little claustrophobic.

The room costs around 250,- for one night, breakfast included. More information you can find on the website of Fitland Mill.

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