Editor’s Note #49 – Three days Tokyo

When I waved Romy (Mathôt, iD Model Management) goodbye a few weeks ago at Schiphol, I was a bit upset. Last year I travelled with her as a mentor, but now she was old and wise enough to fly to Tokyo alone. I wanted to join, but tickets are expensive! So I complained a bit on Facebook and tried to put Japan out of my head for this year.

But then I got a message from a friend of mine, who is a flight attendant: “I’m flying to Tokyo next week, do you want to join? It is only for three days, so think it over…” YO! WHERE CAN I SUBSCRIBE? Three days Tokyo, that sounds crazy. But hey, it’s the model life! Even before I slept over it for a night, I said yes!

And then it was flying time. On the way to the airport it was still unsure if could go, because you can only travel along if there is a free place. Fortunatly, after some nerve-racking hours, there appeared to be a free chair for me!

Standby ticket… That means waiting until there is a place!

I arranged a room in the hotel where all models of Donna Models sleep. A single room, though. The model lifestyle is fun, but there are limits, haha!

When we arrived, my friend Sharon immediatly went to sleep, she was tired of serving for ten hours. I had some sleep on the plane, so I went towards Shibuya. Eating sushi with former-Donna-booker Kei, who is now pregnant. (Check the sushi-train!) At night I saw Romy for a sec, but because of her Very Early calltime the next morning, she went to bed really quickly.

With Kei in the Starbucks at Shibuya Crossing

The next day, Sharon and I went shopping. I bought new pants at Monki. Yes, that sound kind of stupid, because I could’ve just done it in Amsterdam. But hey, the rate of the yen is very favourable (especially if you come to get rid of your euros, if you’re going to make money in Tokyo it’s less favourable of course) and everything in size L is on sale. Furthermore we came home with stickers and masking tape, and fake Moschino earrings, hehe.


Shoppings! More on my personal blog

That night I met Jeske, to interview her. That piece you may have read already. We sat on a lovely roof terrace in Harajuku to enjoy the view and we discussed our dreams. Later that night I quickly ate some sushi with Romy, and that was it already. The next day I flew home.


After I almost missed my flight (more about that on my personal blog), I was happy to relax in first class. The next day the jet lag finally hit. Hmm, maybe the model-lifestyle is not meant for me.

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