Toeps in Tokyo #6 – Super kawaii, that means, super cute in Japanese

I was twenty, living in a pink room in The Hague and my favorite cd was Gwen Stefani’s. With “Harajuku Girls” she added a few new words to my vocabulary: “kawaii”, Japanese for cute, and “irasshaimase”, that über annoying word you hear every time you enter a shop. The Japanese way of saying “welcome” or “please come in”. And if you think, i-ras-she-what? It’s usually pronounced so quickly that I used to think they said something like wasawasèèèèn! Doet it ring a bell now?

Kawaii desu neeee?

Kawaii, that’s Harajuku. With shops filled with Lolita wear, and the Claire’s shop with most likely the biggest revenues in the world because of Decora fashion. As icing on the cake, literally, since august 2015 there’s the Kawaii Monster Café.

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Tokio trip

Holy flippin’ batman. What a hysterical place. The interior reminds me of a spacy Disney darkride, and bizarre Japanese music video’s. The latter makes sense, since the guy responsible for this madness is Sebastian Masuda, who was also the art director for the PonPonPon video (which you must have seen online before).

Chocolate Chicken

I have to admit that the menu of the café didn’t look way too appealing to me. Think chemically colored pasta, fries with six different tastes in sauce… I was curious about one menu item though: chicken in chocolate sauce. I expected something gross, but hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying!


It wasn’t that bad, actually. Charlotte was enjoying a colorful milkshake, but unfortunately, being lactose intolerant and out of lactase pills, I decided to skip that one.

Pika pika

Shooting the location, the crew and ourselves was the most fun part of the experience, even though we felt completely underdressed.



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What you waitin’ for?

From monday to saturday, the Kawaii Monster Café is open for lunch from 11:30 to 16:30, and open for dinner from 18:00 to 22:30. On sundays and holidays the café is open from 11:00 to 20:00. It’s apparently possible to make a reservation, but we didn’t. We were just there at the opening, which is, at least during weekdays, good enough to immediately be seated. You pay an entrance fee of 500¥, plus the costs of your food and drinks.

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