Greetings from the chaos

Please note: contrary to my book, which has been translated by native English professionals, this post is translated in part by Google Translate and might not be perfect.

This post is also available in Nederlands

Can you relate? When you want to clean out a closet, pull everything out, and then get completely overwhelmed by the unbelievable mess and quickly want to cram everything back into the closet? That’s kind of how my life feels right now. Everything is in disarray. And everything is entangled, like a big tangle of plugs, printer cables and mini USB, somewhere in an Ikea box.

A week and a half ago I flew to the Netherlands, and although due to the state of the world that suddenly turned out to be an eighteen-hour journey with a stopover in Korea (the poetry does not escape me), it actually went quite well. Of course I suffered from a reverse culture shock, which already started on the plane, when even the KLM flight attendants were chatting in the galley with their face masks on their chins. But thanks to my business upgrade, I was able to sleep six hours from Korea to Amsterdam, so I didn’t suffer much from jet lag. Going to bed ultra-early was my thing anyway.

Proof Printing

But I’m mainly here to launch the German translation of my book, and it’s anything but smooth. For example, I haven’t been able to order a proof for a week and a half. Amazon doesn’t even know why, and keeps asking me to “be patient for a few more days” while they figure it out. Now I’ve already decided to skip the Amazon proof, a gamble that I’m willing to take, because I’ve already gone through this process with the English translation. And I had already printed out the entire interior in Japan, in the conveniene store (so convenient!), so most of the double brackets and commas have already been removed.

But when I received the def-def version last week, and I wanted to put it live, the following Amazon hurdle came up: “We see that this book is a translation, can you prove that you do have the rights?” Strangely enough, they never asked that for the English, but okay. “Please submit proof within five days, otherwise we’ll cancel!” And so now I’m waiting for Blossom Books to draft a piece of paper declaring that I do indeed have the right to publish the translation of my own book.

If this then that

In the meantime, my Japanese company number also came in. I decided to act diligently and immediately open a Japanese business account with Wise… But of course they needed a scan of my paper company registration certificate. My agent is working on it, but it will take another few days. As soon as I have the Japanese business account, I can cancel the Dutch one, deregister myself from the Chamber of Commerce, etcetera, etcetera. I have a whole list in my phone with steps that depend on other steps. If this is settled, then that.

I also found out in the Netherlands that my Japanese telephone subscription does not support roaming, which means that I cannot be reached at all on my Japanese number. Totally shit of course, so I’ll have to change that as soon as I get back.

And then of course there are things like my company website – I have already registered toepsmedia dot jp, but it now redirects to the dot nl. That should be improved soon. My email addresses are a mess, as are my accounts at things like Amazon, Spotify, and Apple. I was able to cancel one thing: when ASN announced this week that Apple Pay was available, my old ING account could finally be yeeted.

Desk flip deluxe

I don’t like this, you know. A few years ago I konmari’d my life, and that made everything wonderfully clear and workable. But right now I’m sitting on the floor with a hundred imaginary piles, five hundred tangled cables and I can’t go any further because I’m looking for that one key.

“Just keep swimming!” Dory says. I know. Slow progress is OK too, although I find it almost impossible to concentrate on developer work in this chaos. With everything that doesn’t work and doesn’t cooperate, I’m already on the edge, and a non-cooperating website can be difficult for me. Before you know it my laptop flies out the window – and then you have that problem on top of that.

Well. I just hope this shit will be over in a little while. Fortunately, you don’t emigrate every week, so eh. Soon it will be calm again. And then I’ll probably start a new book or something. Crazy person that I am.

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