Privacy policy

Who are you?
I’m Bianca Toeps and this is my webshop, It’s more like a test environment or hobby that got out of hand, but those need to be GDPR compliant too.

What types of personal information do you collect?
When you place an order, I collect your name and address. Obviously. I also store your IP-address. The site uses cookies to be able to remember what you put in your cart. I use Google Analytics. They keep your data 26 months.

What rights do I have?
You can always ask me for an export of all your personal data. You can also ask me to remove your data, unless I’m legally bound to save the data, due to administrative or tax purposes. So no, I can’t remove your past orders.

Who processes my data?
Order info is processed by Paypal or Mollie, depending on the service you use. Shipping info is processed by MyParcel, PostNL and/or Japan Post. Anonymised data is used by Google Analytics to count visitors and analyse traffic.

How do you keep my data safe?
I try to keep WordPress and the plugins I uses as up-to-date as possible. I will also protect my laptop and other accounts appropriately.

I have a problem, what should I do?
You can always file a GDPR complaint. But it’s probably better to contact me first: