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Not so long ago I received an email, roughly saying: “Hi, we’re, do you want free glasses?” Being a hipster who wears glasses, I of course immediately said yes. I checked the Firmoo website and found the glasses of my choice. These:


Firmoo sells prescription glasses, all you have to do is enter your data. I still had all the numbers from my latest Ace & Tate order, so that was easy. If you don’t know what your prescription should be, you can always go to an optician. They’ll charge around 10 euros for it.

Post from China

I placed my order on August 9, leaned back, poured myself a cocktail and thought: “Well, that will take a few weeks.” But to my surprise, on August 14 the DHL delivery guy was at my door already! (And I wasn’t there, buuh!) On monday the 17th of August I received the package. I was surprised: my new glasses travelled through Dubai, all the way from China. I thought Firmoo was an American shop? Well, it kind of explains why they’re so cheap.


The packaging was very “made in China”, it’s a far cry from the beautiful box my Ace & Tate glasses came in. The glasses were also a bit different than what I expected. Very light, mainly. And a bit plastic-y. Yeah, I don’t know what else I expected. The glasses I ordered cost 33 dollar in the most basic version. Lenses included! In my case, Firmoo was so nice to upgrade me to thinner lenses with coatings. Blogger life, you know.

20/20 vision


I put my glasses on, and they were perfect. While boyfriend Riemer had to return his glasses from Ace & Tate twice, due to the wrong lenses (+6 instead of -6, that looks very very strange, I can tell you that!), these glasses were perfect from the get-go. Nice! And even though I initially thought: “These will make great spare glasses”, I’m wearing them the whole week already. Exactly because they’re so light and plastic-y. They weigh near to nothing! And I look cool too.

The verdict


I would definately recommend this shop. The glasses are very very cheap and work fine. It would also be perfect for people that usually wear contacts, just need reading glasses or, like me, like to change their style every other day. So, thanks Firmoo!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I have a question. Is there glare on your glasses and which type of glasses and coatings do your glasses have. I look forward to a reply.

    1. Toeps says:

      I honestly don’t remember, but I’m wearing them now and they do have some green sort of “ontspiegeling” anti-reflection coating.

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