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Who wants to go back to Namie, Fukushima?

On the 15th of March 2011, four days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, and the subsequent disaster of nuclear plant Fukushima Daiichi, all inhabitants of Namie that aren’t evacuated yet, are ordered to leave their town. The radiation levels in the village, just eight kilometers away from the plant, are way too high.

A little over six years later, on April 1st, 2017, the inhabitants are allowed to return. The train station reopened, a brand new post office is constructed and roads have a new layer of asphalt. Still only a hundred of the 20.000 former residents have gone back. Houses are inhabitable, people built a new life somewhere else, and well… Is it really safe now?

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Toeps in Tokyo #9 – Hanami with SUITSUIT

Charlotte and I were in Tokyo on a mission: shooting pictures for suitcase brand SUITSUIT. We’ve been to Ibiza with them before to shoot the campaign, so when they heard about our Japan plans, they thought it was perfect for their new Sakura Blossom line. I checked in a suitcase set and we went to work!

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The wonderful world of Photoshop

What models usually do know, but consumers don’t, is that there’s a lot of photoshopping going on. Or, could be going on. The prettiest of models don’t need it that much, but celebrities on the other hand… Personally, I can use some nice shoppery, but I’m also not ashamed of the original version of me. So in this blog I’m gonna show you how it works. I’m gonna shop myself.

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