Aber du siehst gar nicht autistic aus

Please note: contrary to my book, which has been translated by native English professionals, this post is translated in part by Google Translate and might not be perfect.

This post is also available in Nederlands

For some time now I saw in the Amazon statistics of my English book that, after the US and the UK, Germany is the largest buyer of my book. I also regularly received messages from German readers, asking whether the book would also be published in German. They would like to have their family read it for example, but they are not very good at English…

So I thought, yes! Let’s do it!

I decided to ask around in my network and soon found a professional translator. Together with Lucie I made the promo video in Korea: I read the text that my translator had written, in my best German. For the occasion I had rented a “self studio”, a Korean concept where you can rent photo/film sets with all the trimmings for an hourly rate. I put the video together and then… Then Japan opened up.

Let's get it started

Yes, I have a talent for timing Kickstarters – last time the corona typhus broke out. Good, so suddenly I had to move, and I was so stressed out that I couldn’t really work anymore. So I thought, I’ll do it when I get to Japan. But because I want to publish the book somewhere around Autism Week, or at least Autism Month April, I put the campaign online as soon as I landed in Japan. With such mediocre pocket internet, I was throttled to 1995 speed for two days after uploading the video.

Of course I still had a lot to arrange in Japan, and that took me much more time than I had imagined. I don’t know why I thought it was easy, maybe because I lived in convenient Sakura House apartments before, and now I sat in a bare house with no wifi, furniture or, uh, oh yeah, freedom. But that’s fodder for another blog. Back to the Kickstarter. See the video we made below.

There's work to be done

Honestly, it’s not going fast enough. And that’s because of me. I still have a list of German-speaking autism Instagrammers that I want to email with the preview of the first chapter (which I also only received yesterday, my fault), the proposal to give them a book as a gift and a kind request to share the campaign. I could also write to relevant press, but I still have to dive into that too. Anyway, now I have optical fiber internet, a table and an office chair, so if the earth can stop shaking for a while then hopefully I can finally get down to work next week.

Do you want to support the Kickstarter? That can be done in different ways. First of all (and preferably) of course via the Kickstarter page. You can choose the book, the signed book or the book with your name in the acknowledgements. You can also order a T-shirt or tote bag with your order.

You want this!

If you do not have a credit card, you can also order the books (signed or unsigned) or the merch items separately in my webshop. For donations without a product you can give me a Tikkie here. Then we’ll make sure that the amount magically ends up in the Kickstarter pot.

Friends, family, anyone who has benefited from my Dutch or English book… Please support this project. Even if your knowledge of German does not progress beyond Scheiße. With this project we ensure that more people hear about autism from people who are autistic themselves, and hopefully we will also eliminate the prejudices in the German-speaking world.

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